You need to know why you're doing this college thing.

And that can be intimidating.

Don't get overwhelmed when you're asked, "So what do you want to do for the rest of your life?"

[That's a loaded question. Truth is, no one knows what they want to do forever.]

Instead, learn to ask yourself, "Where do I want to begin my life?" 



To help you make that decision, we offer an incredible video gallery that can teach you things you didn't know you didn't know. By using the information in these videos, listening to the mentors in your life, and following your own heart, you can be confident you're making a solid plan.

Whether you're a student trying to figure out where to start your life, a parent searching for a new understanding of an old concept, or a human being seeking growth, the video galleries below will educate and inspire you to new levels.

All our featured videos are written, animated, and produced by the brilliant minds at Kurzgesagt. They're a nonprofit group dedicated to the proliferation of knowledge. If you love to learn new things, and appreciate when a lot of information is condensed and easy to absorb, you can like them on Facebookfollow them on Twitter, or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Medicine & Biology

Interested in the human body? Excited to learn how the human body functions? Looking forward to 15 years of schooling? Then the medical field is for you!

Learn more about what makes us sick and how we stay healthy. By understanding the processes that make us who we are, we become better prepared to interact with and affect our world. 

Humanities & Public Policy

To change our world, we have to understand it. If you're interested in writing bills or creating political change, it's key to learn everything you can about the issues that matter to you.

Here you'll find a solid foundation on some of the biggest issues affecting our world. From local neighborhoods to international communities, the more you learn about the cause and effect nature of public policy, the more effective public servant you'll be.

Nuclear Engineering

Are you fascinated by the possibility of clean, renewable energy? Do you love learning how to power our increasingly demanding world? Have you dreamed of harnessing the power of the atom? 

Perhaps your destiny lies in nuclear engineering. Nuclear power, with its history of unprecedented success and unbridled catastrophe, is one of the most misunderstood advances in modern history. Is it for you?

Space & Technology

If you spend your night staring at the stars and wondering what else is out there, you're not alone. Since humans started recording history, we've pondered about our world, other worlds, and far beyond.

With the exponential growth of technology, we're closer than ever to spreading our civilization to the vast black beyond. These videos will give you a basic understanding of what we know, and help you start to grasp just how much we don't.

Physics & The Future

We exist in a realm of rules and laws. If the last century of progress has taught us anything, it's that many of these rules bend under certain circumstances. The laws that govern our existence remain true until our understanding of their relation adapts to new data.

If you're equally thrilled and terrified at the truth of the rules that dictate the great game of life, the you're a born physicist. If you're among those that fearlessly push the boundaries of what's known, you'll love these shorts.


Maybe you're the type of person who doesn't care about answers; you're more concerned about questions. What is life? What else is out there? What is a "thing"? Are we alone?

Philosophers have been around since the day our race created the word "why". They question everything, pursuing new and exciting thoughts, and pushing the boundaries of what our minds are comfortable with.