Frequently Asked Questions

How does Red Team College Planning help its families?

We’re a unique combination of professionals working together to guide families. With decades of experience, we cover every critical sector in college planning including student guidance, test prep, essay editing, financial analysis, and more.

How do your seminars work?

We partner with non-profit organizations and schools to offer free workshops and seminars. The goal is to empower families by teaching them key concepts so they begin to understand the college process in a new light.

Are you a non-profit?

No. We’re a for-profit company hired by individual families to guide them through their college journey.

What if I don’t need one-on-one help?

Sometimes families are experienced with the process or are simply searching for tools to keep them on track. We offer a unique software platform so families can track their own progress and compare data such as potential merit aid or admissions requirements across nearly every college in the country.

We need help but don’t live in your area. Can we work together remotely?

Yes. We make it a point to be as accessible as possible to all families. In fact, experience shows we’re most effective with our students when we work remotely. Students respond more often and in greater detail when engaged digitally. Online tools like Skype or Zoom make it convenient to meet with busy parents too, with screen-sharing capabilities making it simple to go through applications or financial analyses.