Success is the intersection of education & execution

Though every family's needs are different, experience teaches us the majority of guidance through the college process falls into one of two categories:

Students in need of guidance with applications & testing

Parents hoping to minimize their out-of-pocket cost

We've developed two core packages covering each group's needs. Our App-Sharp™ program is built with students in mind, supporting them with test prep, essay review, social media coaching, and other tools to maximize their first impression. For parents, the our Wealth of Knowledge™ program walks them through how colleges look at their finances, strategies to lower their EFC, guidance on appealing award letters once accepted, and more.

For families in search of a comprehensive solution to guide them through financial aid and the application process, we offer our flagship Educated Education™ college process mentorship. More than simply combining our above services, it also offers dedicated college coaching, access to our proprietary Engus™ college sorting software, and more.

Click on the table to the right for to compare our packages. For more details on each of our services click here.

Occasionally we encounter families who either know exactly what they need, or simply have no idea where to begin. In these instances we offer a series of standalone service options.

Enrollment in any of these services is always eligible for an upgrade. Services purchased are credited towards any package in which they are already included.

*For example: enrolling in an initial consultation would credit any upgrade, whereas test prep would only count towards App-Sharp™ or Educated Education™. 


Initial Consultation



FAFSA Review


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Short Essay Review

$95 per essay <500 words

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Long Essay Review

$175 per essay <1000 words

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Award Appeals