Our Mission

We carry on the tradition of our namesake by providing insider knowledge and resources and preparing families for the college process. Through education and empowerment, our families develop effective plans through informed choices, ensuring students build a solid foundation for their future.

Headquartered in Fairfax, VA,  we serve the greater D.C. area, providing one-on-one support to families in our program. Additionally, we offer specialized software, online courses, and webinars to families around the country.

Our students receive access to resources ranging from SAT & ACT prep courses, college comparison tools, career guidance, and award letter appeals. We understand the modern relevance of social media for our students, coaching them on how to manage and leverage their online persona to maximize their first impressions.

Parents benefit from our extensive experience in financial aid analysis, asset management, FAFSA & EFC reviews, and more. We regularly offer free classes and webinars to disseminate critical information that could save families tens of thousands of dollars.


College admissions offices across the country retain strategic enrollment managers to maximize their student yield and profit. We study their methods and work with you to fight back. The most effective proven way to make the best decisions for your student and your family is to think like they do.


Experience teaches us that one of the keys to victory is empowerment, not entitlement. To succeed, we need to work together. Statistics consistently show students who are empowered in this process have more fulfilling college experience. In short, we don’t do anything for you. Rather, we do it with you.


Nothing happens overnight. We only reach our objectives by respecting and pursuing the path we create for ourselves. There is value in the process itself, not simply the results; how we get there matters. If you’re willing to come along, we’ll lead you to success via smart work in one direction.