Meet Red Team

And get to know who to reach depending on the help you need

Student wants some help to figuring out their top school choices?

Trying to decide the best options that balance both academic goals & financial aid?


Danielle Lacoste

I was born to do this. My life's work is helping young people navigate this crazy world. I have a Master's in Human Behavior, Teaching Credentials, 19 years educating young people, and seven years working with college students. I am a proud mom of twins who loves Crossfit and travel. 


Phone: [512] 450-4515


Michael Robson

I conduct personal telephone interviews with students and parents, using the information gained to create a custom college search. I then teach families how to choose the right schools based on their goals. Generally, for students this means schools that align with their learning styles and career objectives, whereas for parents it often means identifying schools that will value their student.


Phone: [800] 525-0568 ext. 106

Unsure how to navigate the ENGUS™ system?

Questions about FAFSA, CSS Profile, financial appeal letters, or other college planning details?


Janelle Harcut

(2020, 2021, 2022 grads)

I’m here to assist with all the nitty-gritty details of your college process. I am also the go-to person for anything on your ENGUS™ website and ePrep test preparation software. It’s my job to keep your family up to date with important deadlines via monthly to-do’s, help with the FAFSA, guidance on CSS profile financial aid forms, and more.


Phone: [800] 525-0568 ext. 3


Desiree Degrasse

(2017, 2018, 2019 grads)

I have been working with college-bound students for over 10 years. All though this job can be stressful at times, its rewards are worth it. I get excited right along with students when they get into their top-choice college. And even more excited when they receive scholarships & awards.


Phone: [860] 910-1924

Updating your social media profiles for an application?

Trying to learn more about colleges and their relationship to students’ social media?


Jamie Finch

I’m a wife, mom, and animal lover focused on teaching students, parents, and professionals how to use social media to further their college and career aspirations. In my spare time, I am trying to bring a little bit of sanity back to the college admissions process.


Phone: [703] 403-4878


Alan Katzman

Part art and part science, mastering social media is a teachable skill. My two greatest pleasures are seeing the amazing social media profiles students create after taking our courses then hearing stories of how they proactively use their new social media to engage and interact with college officials and potential employers. Every year, the success stories I hear get me excited for the next one.


Phone: [908] 342-2236

Questions about your family’s financial strategy?

Unable to reach other team members?


Theresa Crowley

I’ve loved strategy games since I was a girl. The oldest of four kids, no TV, and parents who loved to play board games meant I learned Chess, Othello, and Backgammon before I turned 10 years old. 

Graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Miami with a major in Economics, I saw the rising college costs would be one of the biggest financial decisions American families make. Today, I work hard to help families employ the best strategies to get through the most expensive part of raising a child.


Phone: [571] 549-1003