Red Team war game - RAND Corporation (1961)

What is a Red Team?

Following World War Two, the United States and its NATO allies became embroiled in the largest geopolitical strategy game in history. Opposite them stood the Soviet Union whose political and economic interests clashed, often violently, with their own. The stakes were no less than the future of the world.

Failure was not an option. 

To ensure the U.S. and its allies remained competitive, special groups of expert outsiders were enlisted to find vulnerabilities, shake up preconceived notions, and imagine the unimaginable. All in an effort to improve security and ensure every solution was explored.

These were the first Red Teams.

Today, the term red team is ubiquitous with any group who specializes in challenging conventional thinking. Red teams are employed across industries, from aerospace to cyberspace, to ensure their charges stay ahead by thinking outside the box.